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How Can Illinois JobLink Help You?

May 1, 2023

JobLink is the site you need to find the perfect job or the perfect job
candidate for a position. Provided by the Illinois Department of Employment
Security (IDES), this service offers tools and resources to help with hiring or
job searching needs. Illinois JobLink offers different paths for different users. There are choices for Individuals, Employers, and Veterans. 


Illinois JobLink is the "go to" site for Illinois job seekers and those seeking employment to get Unemployment Insurance. It is an online database of job postings in Illinois and nationwide. It offers job seekers the ability to search for jobs by category, so it is easy to find exactly what they are looking for. Once a profile is created, Individuals are able to see positions that match their qualifications. Also, Employers can search for Individuals and match people with jobs. Open up the possibilities by creating an Illinois JobLink profile today and start looking for your dream job! Get started on the Illinois JobLink website​. 


Illinois JobLink isn’t only for those individuals looking for a job, but it is also a great tool for employers. Setting up an account as an employer makes it free to search for qualified candidates. Employers can also search through resumes, post job openings, save searches and resumes, manage their company profile, and receive email updates as new job seeker resumes are added to the site. Check out the Employer page of Illinois JobLink.

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