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Explore Your Skills and Career Options After a Layoff

July 19, 2016

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​Once the initial steps of connecting to Benefits and Services are complete, you may begin moving forward towards your new career path opportunity. Now is the time to dust yourself off and move forward, remember that your past accomplishments and the hard work you have put in have prepared you for the next steps. You can do this! This step is where you are able to make the greatest strides and make the first move towards your new career.

First you should explore your interests and skills, and discover other job and career opportunities that could be a good fit for you. Once you have explored other options and updated any skills, you will be able to select a new career field.

  1. Find out your skills and interests and if they have changed since you first entered the working world with the Interests and Skills Surveys.
  2. Use the transferable skills checklist to identify skills you already have to help you determine if your skills will be a fit for another career opportunity.
  3. Test and update your workplace skills with the Job Skill Guides. These are skills that all employers want in potential employees. 
  4. Explore Demand Occupations​ in your chosen occupational areas. This can help you find out if your skills match the new career field you have chosen and what the outlook for these careers are. This can help you select a career in a growing filed that can provide you with great job opportunities.
  5. Search the WIOA Certified Training Programs​ if the career field you are interested in requires certification or credentials that you do not currently have. WIOA funding may be available to laid-off or dislocated workers. Check with your local Illinois workNet Center to get local funding options. 

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