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Tips for Youth - Balancing Work and Play

October 6, 2021

​Getting Started

Earning money is a great feeling. And spending your money is the easy part, right? Just make sure that while you are having fun, you are also being responsible. Creating a budget can help you get more out of your money and can help you reach your long-term goals. 

While you may be earning money, you may still need some extra help with some things and need to connect to local resources. You can find transportation and other resources to help you succeed.

It is important to focus on being a great employee but also it is important to think about the future, your goals, and how you can utilize your experience and skills to build your resume and focus on your success now and in the future.

Spending Wisely

Now that you have started working, paychecks will start coming in. It can be tempting to spend your paychecks on fun things. While it's okay to do that, it is very important to plan what you want to achieve with your money. Trying to spend wisely can be a balancing act but with these tips, it can be easier:

  • Try to figure out how much money you will be earning, then use a plan or budget to decide what you need to get out of your paychecks.
  • Use these money management articles to help you learn about:
  • Make sure you are giving yourself some freedom and doing something fun with your hard earned money. It will be easier to stick to your budget  if you reward your hard work!

Work hard, stick to your budget, and have fun reaching your goals!

Supportive Services

When working to reach your career, training and employment goals, there may be some times when you need a little more help. Illinois workNet has resources you can turn to.

Supportive services include financial assistance, tips on loans and paying for school, transportation, public assistance, and more.

Use these resources to help keep you on track and help you reach your goals.

If you need specific assistance there are locations throughout the state of Illinois that offer services that can help you. You can find locations that offer WIOA services and other sites where staff are able to assist you in finding resources for your job search, career preparation, and referrals for work support such as financial aid, child care, and much more.

Get started and find locations near you with the Illinois workNet Service Finder!

Focus on Success

Whether you are working, going back to school, or both, it is important to plan ahead. You want to keep building your resume and your skill set as you move forward in life.

Volunteering is a great way to earn skills and experience while padding your resume. You can also use it to find new interests. Learn more about volunteering with these articles:

The information, guidance, and knowledge you gained from this experience can make your next job search easier. Before your next search, be sure to:

  • Update your resume with any new skills and experience you have gained.
  • Practice interviewing. Before you interview, you should ​have a refresher to be prepared for any situation. Plus, your skills and experience have changed. This means your answers to interview questions have probably changed, too.

Use your skills and interests, career exploration, and training program information to guide you through the process to land your dream job and work on building your resume and skills while on the path to success.

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