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Twin Sisters Success

Jaylne and Jada Perryare ... +
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Name: Jalyne
Date: 07/07/2023
Career Pathway: Information Technology
Program: Youth Career Pathways
Location of Service: 60601-7506

Jaylne and Jada Perry are twin sisters whose been enrolled in the YWCA’s Workforce Program, CompTIA A+, since July 2022. Before enrolling in the program, Jaylne and Jada attended Harold Washington for Computer Science and were already studying the field when they came across YWCA’s CompTIA+ program. Jaylne and Jada understood that CompTIA A+ is the starting point for a career in IT and focuses on job roles like help desk technician and technical support specialist. Jaylne and Jada were prepared to take on the challenge and roles in the IT Industry.

After completing the program, both sisters were commissioned to perform a six-week WEX (Work Experience) with Net Telligence Group. While at Net Telligence, both sisters were able to take a deep dive into the IT field by working on various computers and troubleshooting various problems. They excelled at Net Telligence, and now the owner seeks to hire the dynamic duo. While Jaylne has aspirations of working for an airline, Jada is figuring out her niche in the IT field. Both sisters shared that the CompTIA ITF and A+ program was exciting and gave them the jump start they needed.

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Certified Nurse Assistant and Psychiatric Technician

Before coming to Midwest ... +
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Name: Asasha
Date: 07/05/2023
Career Pathway: Health Science
Program: Youth Career Pathways
Impacted Geographical Area: State (Illinois)
Location of Service: 62206-3129

Before coming to Midwest Career Source (MCS), I worked at Gateway Regional Hospital as a Patient Sitter. I was unhappy with my job and was looking for something new. I contacted Robin, the HR Director of MCS, who told me about the upcoming CNA/Psychiatric Technician training program. I felt relieved because I already knew I wanted to be in nursing. Once I met the MCS Family, they changed my life. Not only was I getting help with school, but everyone was there for me physically and mentally as I started my new journey. I think the difference it made in my life is that it made me appreciate stuff more, take my time with things, and do one thing at a time. My plans for the future are to start the LPN program and RN school and always keep a clear mindset.

Asasha H.

Small Beginnings. Big Impact. Story Image

Small Beginnings. Big Impact.

Teens Against Killing Eve... +
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Name: Mosley
Date: 07/05/2023
Career Pathway: Architecture and Construction
Program: Youth Career Pathways
Impacted Geographical Area: City or ZIP Code
Location of Service: 62059-0001

Teens Against Killing Everywhere (TAKE) has been working in East Saint Louis, Illinois, and surrounding areas for 30+ years. What began as a modest effort to address missing maintenance hole covers and broken streetlights in the Emerson Park neighborhood of East St. Louis has become one of the Metro East community's largest and most proactive community-based organizations.

The mission of Teens Against Killing Everywhere is to assist the residents of the Emerson Park neighborhood and its surrounding communities in achieving their full human potential by offering high-quality programs in three areas:

  1. Housing and Economic Development
  2. Education and Job Training
  3. Community Advocacy

Fenandez "Dez" Mosley came to TAKE in the Summer of 2022 for the first Career Pathways program our agency ever implemented. When he completed the intake process, Fenandez showed enthusiasm, grit, and a deep desire to change his life. His goal was simple: he wanted to earn a trade and a job that would allow him to leverage his natural ability to build things and his communication and business acumen. Dez showed up on day one with a great attitude. He learned all that he could learn from anyone in our building. He was here regularly--only missing one day to take an exam that would earn him an additional credential. He was a high achiever.

Daily, Fenandez would excel in the classroom portion of his program. He earned the highest score possible in the academic setting. In the project-based section of the program, Dez was a natural leader who often took time to assist his brother, who suffered from a traumatic brain injury (TBI). He showed great care and concern for his classmates, who all considered him their leader and guide.

On the internship portion of the program, his worksite, C.A. Jones Home Builders, quickly noticed Dez and offered him employment four weeks before completing his internship. Shortly after that, Dez applied for and was accepted to the Union.

Fenandez is a prime example of how valuable workforce programs are to individuals with strong drive and determination but who want to avoid going the traditional route! Youth Career Pathways was the catalyst to help Dez change his life.

He often stops by to speak to students and works in collaboration with our instructors to make coursework engaging. We look forward to seeing all that is in store for Mr. Mosley.

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Name: Weston
Date: 06/26/2023
Career Pathway: Architecture and Construction
Program: Youth Career Pathways
Impacted Geographical Area: LWIA
Location of Service: 62522-1802

My experience with Homework Hangout Club's Youth Career Pathways program was very positive and essential to me being where I am today. I first entered the program when I had little to no motivation to progress through school, let alone attend school. Once I started focusing and trying hard, the paperwork and work the program offers became easier and easier. I learned many real-world skills during my time in the program, and in some cases, I still use the knowledge in my everyday life. Working with the other people at the Center improves your experience and helps with motivation. It feels like a big family at Homework Hangout Club (HHC)! I recommend this program to anyone seeking help, having issues with high school, or looking to build upon their work or life skills.