Frank Gains a Job & Confidence

Creation Date: 09/03/2020

Name: Frank Gallegos
Career Pathway: Human Services
Location of Service: 60503-6733
Program: WIOA Youth
Organization: Grundy/Kendall Regional Offices of Education

Program Details

Frank Gallegos enrolled in the Kendall Youth Employment Program through the Grundy/Kendall Regional Office of Education in May 2019 to get help finding a job.  At the time, Frank was a student at Pathway’s Transition School.  Frank had limited volunteer experience so he worked with Case Managers to help complete a resume and practice for interviews. Also, Frank did not have his own transportation, so he relied on the Kendall Area Transit and Ride DuPage to transport him to his appointments.   His Case Managers assisted with scheduling his transportation.

Frank worked very hard on preparing for a job.  He attended all his appointments that were scheduled with his Case Managers and completed and practiced all assignments that were given to him.  Frank had reservations about working a job that included customer service.  The one area that Frank needed to improve on was getting more comfortable with his social skills. He was very hesitant on accepting the paid work experience at Meijer because of the customer service that would be required for that position.

In November 2019, Frank participated in a paid work experience at Meijer as a General Merchandising Clerk.  Frank was very uncomfortable in the beginning of his paid work when he encountered customers.  His job duties included stocking, conditioning shelves, and putting away customer returns.  He also assisted customers with finding merchandise and answering questions.  Frank is a quick learner and was able to adapt and learn his new job quickly.  He was able to master the store layout and their “Bluebird” device for scanning items and finding their location in the store.  He worked 2 days a week for 12 weeks, which included working Black Friday and New Year’s Eve.  During the 12 weeks of Frank’s paid work, he was able to gain confidence and improve on his social skills.  Once his paid work experience had ended, Frank was offered a part time position at Meijer.

Frank is currently working at Meijer as a General Merchandising Clerk.  He works close to 30 hours a week, which includes weekend nights.  He just received a raise and has been working permanently at Meijer for just over three months.   Frank has stepped up and showed his dedication as an employee as he has been continuously working during the COVID-19 pandemic at Meijer.  His managers at Meijer had commented to Case Managers on how they have noticed that Frank has blossomed with his confidence and attitude.  He now schedules his own transportation with Ride DuPage and was able to buy his first cell phone.  His Case Managers are very proud of his success and how far he has come with his social skills.   In May, Frank completed his schooling at the Pathways Transition Program where he presented a PowerPoint detailing his accomplishment and his future goals.  Frank is currently saving for a car so he will not have to rely on public transportation to get him to and from work.