COVID-19 Rapid Response Grant

Creation Date: 10/07/2020

Employer Name: Senior Services
Career Pathway: Not Available
Location of Service: 60506-2614
Program: Laid off worker
Organization: McHenry County Workforce Network
Program Details: Help Getting a Job

Thirty-five jobs and $1,056,938 estimated annual wages were saved during COVID. Due to your generous grant, we were able to continue employing all the staff in both the McHenry and Crystal Lake office. We purchased equipment that allowed staff to work at home during the pandemic. Plexiglas shields were installed at the front desk in Crystal Lake to give added protection from any germs transmitted by talking and sneezing. We have also scheduled two months-worth of deep cleaning at each of the two offices that lasts up to 30 days with cleaning agents recommended by the CDC. This allows staff to continue working during the pandemic in a safe environment when they are in the office.