COVID-19 Rapid Response Grant

Creation Date: 10/07/2020

Employer Name: Phoenix Woodworking
Career Pathway: Not Available
Location of Service: 60098-7311
Program: Laid off worker
Organization: McHenry County Workforce Network
Program Details: Help Getting a Job

Fifteen jobs and over $400,000.00 estimated annual wages were saved. The Emergency (1E) Assistance Grant has been a critical tool for Phoenix Woodworking and the continuation of our production. We received equipment and software to allow our employees to stay employed remotely. Personal construction and company meetings were held in Zoom instead of in-person meetings. Sanitation services were used to protect employees. The grant also allowed for training of an employee to take over a position as adjustments had to be made for other employees that had to work from home. With the assistance of the grant, all employees have remained employed at their full wages.