Policy Chapters and Sections

Performance Measures

Chapter: 7 Section: 3.9
Effective Date: 4/20/2016
Expiration Date: Continuing
Published Date: 11/23/2016 8:17:02 AM
Status: Current
Version: 1

Tags: Program Eligibility

All eligible training providers are required to provide basic performance data, when available, on their training programs in order to be approved for initial eligibility or continued eligibility.

(NOTE: The State of Illinois understands the current concerns with the ability of training providers to provide the required performance data. All training providers are encouraged to begin development of a process to comply with this policy that would include a plan for identifying all students enrolled in a program of study and capable data system to track the performance of such enrollees. Further guidance is needed from the Departments of Labor and Education in order to develop a concise policy. It is anticipated that this guidance will be available in calendar year 2016. Training providers should plan for the ability to provide this data no later than July 1, 2018. After this date, training providers may not be eligible to be added to the Eligible Training Provider List. Further guidance by the State will provide more detail as it becomes available.)

  1. The specific training provider and training program performance information for ALL students of the program shall be provided, when available. The following ALL student performance data should include both WIOA and non-WIOA students:
    1. Total number of students for this training program;
    2. Total number of exiters (defined as those students who completed, withdrew or otherwise are no longer enrolled in the program of study or equivalent and have no planned gap in service and no future services planned, excluding follow-up) in this training program;
    3. Number of exiters who are employed during the second quarter after exit quarter;
    4. Number of exiters who are employed during the fourth quarter after exit;
    5. For all exiters in a program of study where a wage match occurred, the median wage earned in the second quarter after exit;
    6. Credential Rate for exiters for this training program;
    7. Employment Rate Q2 – completers (defined as a student who successfully completed the program of study in which they were enrolled);
    8. Employment Rate Q4 – completers;
    9. Median Wage Q2 – completers; and
    10. Number of students who began the program of study compared to those who completed the program of study.
  2. The WIOA student performance information for each of the data elements outlined in a.-j. above can be extracted from Illinois Workforce Development System (IWDS).
  3. The performance data required by paragraph 1. above should be entered into the IWDS for the most current program year, as well as the previous three program years.
    1. An example of this would be, during PY16, a CDL training program concluded in January 2016, the outcomes of those students should be reported for PY16, if they are available. Also, this CDL training program has been an ongoing training program since 2000.  Data for those programs concluded during PY13, PY14, and PY15 should also be entered, if available.