Policy Chapters and Sections

General Requirements for Program Exit

Chapter: 3 Section: 3
Effective Date: 11/28/2012
Expiration Date: Continuing
Published Date: 6/17/2021 9:55:12 AM
Status: Current
Version: 1

Tags: Exit, Reporting, Performance, Reporting

  1. A program exit must occur when a participant has not received any active services funded by the program or a partner program for ninety (90) consecutive calendar days, has no gap in service and is not scheduled for future services. To that end, the following should be considered:
    1. A participant may be exited sooner than ninety (90) days if it is known that they will not be receiving any additional active services funded by the program or a partner program.
      1. If an exit record has been entered in IWDS, and the participant receives a new active service funded by the program or a partner program within ninety (90) days of the previous service, the exit record MUST be deleted from IWDS and the new service(s) added to the participant's existing application record.
    2. An individual shall NOT have a new participant application entered for them if they:
      1. Have received an active program service within ninety (90) days; or
      2. Have not had an exit record entered in IWDS (regardless of whether or not ninety (90) days has passed since the last receipt of service).
    3. A participant without an active program service record in IWDS is eligible for review and exit by OET staff twenty (20) days following ninety (90) days without a service.
  2. The date of exit is applied retroactively from the current date to the last day on which the participant received an active program service funded by WIOA, TAA or a partner program.
  3. If a participant receives services from multiple programs, use the most recent service end date as the “date of exit”.
  4. Participants who have a planned gap in service of greater than ninety (90) days must not be considered as exited, if the gap in service is due to one of the following circumstances:
    1. A delay before the beginning of training;
    2. A health/medical condition or providing care for a family member with a health/medical condition; or
    3. A temporary move from the area that prevents the individual from participating in services, including military service.
  5. The planned gap in service may not last more than one hundred eighty (180) consecutive calendar days from the date of the most recent service. All planned gaps in service must be documented in IWDS and include the reason for the gap and an anticipated return date to complete program services.
  6. Once a participant has no open active service for ninety (90) days, the exit record must be entered in IWDS no more than one hundred ten (110) days from the last date of active program service.
    1. A report Days Since Last Active Service is available in IWDS for each LWIA to monitor participants last service date.
    2. A participant without an active program service record in IWDS for more than ninety (90) days is eligible for review and will be exited by OET staff after one hundred ten (110) days.
    3. For those customers that are exited by OET staff, case management will provide notification via email as a reminder to continue conducting all follow-up activities and enter those services and associated case notes in IWDS.