Policy Chapters and Sections

Assessing Performance

Chapter: 3 Section: 6
Effective Date: 7/1/2015
Expiration Date: Continuing
Published Date: 8/16/2022 11:37:30 AM
Status: Current
Version: 4

Tags: Performance, Reporting

Local Workforce Innovation Board (LWIB)s are required to achieve positive outcomes in each of the applicable indicators of performance and other defined performance measures, as determined through local negotiations and the result of applying the Statistical Adjustment Model (SAM).

  1. Local negotiations provide LWIBs with performance goals as targets.
  2. Local negotiated levels of performance or performance goals provide benchmarks (or targets) at the beginning of each program year (PY) taking into account the expected economic conditions and expected characteristics of participants.
    1. These negotiated levels of performance provide an opportunity to build a workforce system that is continuously improving and allows for appropriate regional and local planning implementation.
  3. Adjusted levels of performance will be determined at the end of each PY utilizing a SAM to reflect the actual economic conditions experienced in the local area and actual characteristics of the individuals served.
    1. The adjustment factors of the SAM will be applied to the negotiated levels of performance to determine the adjusted levels of performance.
    2. Actual performance outcomes will be compared to the adjusted levels of performance to calculate an indicator score for each Title IB program indicator of performance.
    3. The indicator score will determine performance status.
  4. Assessment of LWIBs is conducted using the same framework as Illinois is evaluated, by assessing local performance on the following three criteria:
    1. Individual Indicator Score – actual performance outcome for each indicator of performance divided by the adjusted level of performance for each Title IB program (Adult, Dislocated Worker and Youth);
    2. Overall Program Score – the average of all individual indicator scores being assessed for each Title IB Program; and
    3. Overall Indicator Score – the average of all individual scores for each indicator of performance across all Title IB Programs.
  5. Beginning in PY 2021 each LWIB will be considered to have performed successfully if they achieve the following after the completion of each PY:
    1. All single Individual Indicator Scores are at least seventy percent (70%) of the adjusted level of performance;
    2. The Overall Program Score is at least ninety percent (90%) for all Title IB programs; and
    3. The Overall Indicator Score is at least ninety percent (90%) for all Title IB indicators of performance.