Policy Chapters and Sections

Dislocation Event Entry into the Illinois Employment Business System (IEBS)

Chapter: 9 Section: 2
Effective Date: 4/29/2021
Expiration Date: Continuing
Published Date: 4/29/2021 3:35:32 PM
Status: Current
Version: 2

Tags: TAA, Rapid Response, IEBS

This policy is to be used in conjunction with the forthcoming Illinois Employment Business System (IEBS) Manual. The IEBS Manual will provide guidance on how dislocation events are to be entered into the system. Entering a dislocation event in IEBS is only one activity in addressing the needs of the impacted workers.  

Although it is recognized that the circumstances of each closing, layoff or disaster may vary and present unique problems not anticipated or provided for in the procedures, recording and documenting events must be consistent and accurate.  Therefore, the following policy is in place concerning the entry of dislocation events into IEBS.