Policy Chapters and Sections

Memorandum of Understanding (MOU) Governor's Guidelines

Chapter: 1 Section: 9
Effective Date: 1/10/2020
Expiration Date: Continuing
Published Date: 6/11/2021 10:36:26 AM
Status: Current
Version: 2

Tags: MOU, WIA/WIOA Transition/Implementation, Governance

  1. This policy disseminates the memorandum of understanding (MOU) requirements. The MOU requirements that are included in the WIOA and final regulations are outlined in this policy and the Governor’s Guidelines to State and Local Program Partners Negotiating Costs and Services Under the Workforce Innovation and Opportunity Act (WIOA) of 2014 hereto referred to as the guidelines. (See the link on the References tab.)
  2. These guidelines fulfill the WIOA requirement that the Governor issue guidance to State and local partners for negotiating cost sharing, service access, service delivery and other matters essential to the establishment of effective local workforce development systems under WIOA.
  3. The guidelines apply to:
    1. All State-level agencies and entities in Illinois responsible for planning and administration of Federally-funded workforce development programs; and
    2. Local Workforce Innovation Boards (LWIBs), chief elected officials (CEOs) and required partners responsible for planning, administering and delivering workforce development services in a local workforce innovation area.
  4. All required partners, LWIBs and their chairs, and CEOs are expected to act in accordance with these guidelines. As required by WIOA, the State of Illinois will monitor local areas to assure compliance with these guidelines.
  5. Governor’s Guidelines supporting documents and other MOU development information can be found on Illinois workNet on the WIOA Implementation Documents and Updates page. (See the link on the References tab.)