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Chemical Plant Operators

Chemical Plant Operators - Overview

Chemical plant operators run the machines and control the production of chemicals.

Chemical plant operators monitor all steps of the chemical production process. They supervise chemical equipment operators.

Plant operators make sure chemicals are mixed properly. Using industry standards, they take samples to inspect the quality of chemicals being produced. If there is a problem, chemical plant operators determine what is wrong and fix it.

Chemical plant operators inspect equipment for safety problems, leaks, or wear. They discuss repairs with maintenance staff. They tell engineers if the amount of air, power, or steam needs to be adjusted during production. They gauge tank levels using special tools. They adjust the flow of chemicals if tanks get close to overflowing. If there is an emergency, plant operators shut down the machines.

Once a production cycle is complete, operators start pumps to clean the tanks, empty gases, and prepare for the next production cycle.

Chemical plant operators use several tools in their job. For example, they use measuring rods to check tank levels and steam hoses to defrost frozen valves. They use sight glasses to observe if chemicals are reacting correctly.

Operators record the amount of ingredients used and the amount of chemicals produced. They keep a record of their findings when they take samples.

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