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Chemical Plant Operators

Chemical Plant Operators - Wages & Trends

Since chemical production is ongoing, operators work around the clock. Those who work nights and weekends usually receive higher pay. Wages vary by the size of the plant. Wages also vary depending on the products workers make. For example, those who produce chemicals earn more than those who produce soaps or cosmetics. Wages also vary by the operator's level of experience and training. Those with more experience or formal training earn more than those with little experience or training.

Chemical plant operators who work full time usually receive benefits. These may include health insurance, paid vacation, and a retirement plan. Some employers pay for workers to attend training sessions.

Chemical plant and system operators (SOC 51-8091)
Pay Period
Illinois Hourly $24.88 $31.43 $40.09
Yearly $51,752 $65,368 $83,388
    Cook County Hourly $26.18 $32.79 $41.99
Yearly $54,449 $68,205 $87,347
United States Hourly $22.40 $30.07 $37.67
Yearly $46,600 $62,550 $78,360

Source: Illinois Career Information System (CIS) brought to you by Illinois Department of Employment Security.