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Coin and Vending Machine Repairers

Coin and Vending Machine Repairers - Overview

Coin and vending machine repairers maintain, repair, and install coin and vending machines.

Coin and vending machine repairers make sure coin-operated machines operate properly. These machines include:

  • Food and soda vending machines
  • Video games
  • Slot machines
  • Pinball machines

Many coin and vending repairers also service machines. They collect coins and restock supplies including coins used for change. They make sure the machine is working correctly and make adjustments as necessary. They may need to clean parts such as the condensers in refrigerator units. They make sure all buttons and levers work correctly.

If a machine breaks down, repairers inspect it for obvious problems, such as jammed coins. They use hand-held computers to help locate problems. They often fix problems by replacing a part such as a circuit board or electronic component.

If the problem is more complex, repairers sometimes need to refer to manuals and wiring diagrams. They look for defective parts. If a problem is serious, repairers take the machine into the shop for repairs. In the shop, they may use power and hand tools. They sometimes use voltmeters to test electronic components.

To install a machine, repairers make the required water and electrical connections. They also make sure that all connections comply with local building codes. They make sure food vending machines comply with local public health standards.

Servicers keep daily records of the amount of each product they stock in a machine. They also record the amount of money collected from each machine. Repairers file reports, write repair cost estimates, order parts, and keep maintenance and repair records.

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