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Applications Developers

Applications Developers - Overview

Computer engineers design and test computer hardware and software.

Computer engineers are part of a team of workers who develop computer equipment (hardware) and programs (software). They apply their knowledge of math and science to computer design. They help solve technical problems for team members who do the programming or create the equipment.

Before starting a project computer engineers talk to clients to find out more about their needs. They also learn about the time line, security needs, and cost limitations.

Engineers monitor systems and repair those that are not functioning properly. Hardware and software engineers work together to make sure that the client’s computer hardware can handle the demands of new software.

Software and hardware engineers have unique duties.

Software engineers

Software engineers develop computer software systems, such as those that control manufacturing processes. Some engineers look at current operating systems and determine how to integrate new software. They supervise workers who do most of the programming. They test completed systems and suggest modifications. They coordinate the installation of finished software on the client's system.

Hardware engineers

Many hardware engineers develop computer chips, circuit boards, or routers. They gather information from clients and determine the best way to upgrade or replace the client's current hardware.

Hardware engineers oversee computer installation, making sure there are controls for dust and temperature in the computer area. Engineers also monitor the systems performance.

They may train clients how to use software or maintain hardware.

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