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Computer User Support Specialists

Computer User Support Specialists - Overview

Computer user support specialists help people solve problems with their computer hardware and software.

Computer user support specialists help coworkers or people who bought their companies' products. They start by talking to customers about problems they may be having. They either make the repairs themselves or tell customers what to change.

Computer user support specialists may have different tasks depending on if they are providing support to customers or coworkers.

Coworker support

Some computer user support specialists help coworkers test or monitor systems to locate the problem. They make repairs and test to make sure the problems are fixed. They may continue to monitor computers to see if more work needs to be done. Specialists document what repairs they made and what hardware or software they installed.

Computer user support specialists talk with managers and staff about the company's computer needs. They may help to locate computers or software that meet the company's needs. They install software following manufacturers' guidelines.

Specialists in large companies may develop training materials and teach staff how to use new software. They may also supervise other computer user support staff.

Customer support

Other computer user support specialists help customers who bought products from computer hardware and software vendors. They communicate with customers by telephone or e-mail. They usually do not have access to the computer.

Computer user support specialists talk customers through how to install software or replace hardware. They send out new parts if the hardware is not working. Specialists document the type of questions they answer each day.

Because computer hardware and software are constantly changing, support specialists must be aware of developments in the field. They may attend conferences and trainings or read magazines to learn about changes.

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