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Computer Systems Analysts

Computer Systems Analysts - Working Conditions

In a typical work setting, computer systems analysts:

Interpersonal Relationships

  • Have a medium to high level of social contact. They work with staff, but also spend time alone while programming.
  • Are responsible for the work outcomes of the people they supervise.
  • Work as part of a team.
  • Communicate with coworkers and clients daily by telephone, e-mail, and in person.
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  • Write letters and memos monthly.

Physical Work Conditions

  • Always work indoors.
  • Work somewhat close to other people, such as when sharing office space.
  • Are sometimes exposed to distracting noise levels, such as from fans or computer servers.

Work Performance

  • Must be exact in their work and be sure all details are done. Errors can slow progress on projects or cause users to lose information.
  • Must repeat the same mental tasks over and over.
  • Meet strict deadlines weekly.
  • Rarely consult a supervisor before making decisions or setting tasks and goals.
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  • Make decisions weekly that affect other people or the reputation of their employer.


  • Usually work at least 40 hours a week.
  • May work evenings and weekends to meet deadlines.
  • May travel to trade shows, seminars, and trainings.
Source: Illinois Career Information System (CIS) brought to you by Illinois Department of Employment Security.