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Construction Managers

Construction Managers - Overview

Construction managers schedule and coordinate the work on construction projects.

Construction managers are in charge of construction projects, such as buildings, roads, or bridges. They review plans for a project and figure out how to build it. Using pre-building tests, they show the long-term costs of construction including energy use and impact to the environment. They consider various construction methods and decide which one is best for the job.

Construction managers plan all activities for projects. They may create budgets to compare the costs of non-green to green construction methods. They plan how long each step of the project will take and when each team of workers will be needed. Construction managers hire employees and make sure workers follow safety rules. They hire trade contractors to complete specific pieces of the project, such as plumbing or painting.

They must meet green building standards like Leadership in Energy and Environmental Design (LEED). They may hire workers with LEED certifications or train workers to use green building skills.

Construction managers check on the progress of construction activities. They make sure materials arrive on time and are what was ordered. They monitor the quality of work and worker safety. Managers make sure they have all the necessary permits. They track and control construction costs in order to avoid overspending. They prepare reports about progress on the project. Construction managers meet on a regular basis with owners, contractors, and architects to monitor the project.

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