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Funeral Directors and Managers

Funeral Directors and Managers - Overview

Funeral directors and managers organize and direct funeral services.

Funeral directors and managers work in funeral homes. They help make decisions about the obituary, casket, and service. They may prearrange funerals so that people can have all details taken care of before they pass away.

Funeral managers

Funeral managers oversee the general operations of a funeral home. They hire staff for the funeral home and may manage several employees. They oversee accounts and payments. They also handle the marketing and public relations.

Funeral directors

Funeral directors plan funeral services when someone dies. They often contact members of the clergy or other religious persons to lead the service. Funeral directors help make decisions about the preparation of the deceased. They may also discuss options such as cremation. Some prepare the deceased for out-of-state burial.

Funeral directors organize and direct the memorial service. They arrange the duties of pallbearers. They arrange the flowers and lighting. They may open the casket if the deceased is to be viewed during the service. Some greet mourners at the funeral home and usher them to their seats.

Funeral directors coordinate activities with cemeteries. They oversee transport of the casket and flowers from the funeral home to the burial site. They also make sure the mourners have transportation to the cemetery.

Funeral directors may embalm or preserve the deceased before the funeral service. For more information about embalmers, see that occupation in CIS.

Funeral directors also perform administrative duties. They often obtain necessary paperwork, including death certificates and burial permits.

Source: Illinois Career Information System (CIS) brought to you by Illinois Department of Employment Security.