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Home Electronic Repairers

Home Electronic Repairers - Overview

Home electronic repairers install and repair a variety of electronic equipment.

Home electronic repairers install and repair equipment such as:

  • Televisions
  • Home theater systems
  • DVDs
  • CD players
  • Video cameras
  • Home security systems
  • Intercoms

Most home entertainment installers and repairers work on many types of equipment but some specialize in one type.

After installing a new system, home electronic repairers make sure customers know how to use it.

Before making repairs, repairers talk to customers to find out what is wrong. Repairers also estimate the repair costs and explain these figures to customers.

Home electronic repairers first check for common trouble spots. Sometimes the equipment only needs to be cleaned and have parts lubricated. If a routine check does not find the problem, repairers refer to diagrams and service manuals for help.

They use a variety of testing devices to diagnose malfunctions:

  • Multimeters measure the power supply.
  • Color bar and dot generators show on-screen test patterns.

Repairers use hand tools to make repairs. They tune and adjust equipment for the best audio or visual reception.

Customers usually take small equipment to repair shops to be serviced. Repairers who work in shops have a full array of electronic tools and parts. These repairers are called bench technicians.

When larger equipment breaks down, repairers go to customers' homes to service it. These repairers are called field technicians. If a repair is complex, they may bring faulty components back to the repair shop for a comprehensive diagnosis.

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