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Building Custodians

Building Custodians - Overview

Janitors keep buildings clean and in good condition.

Janitors clean and maintain buildings using a variety of power and hand tools. They may vacuum carpets and sweep, wash, and wax floors. They also dust and polish furniture, clean bathrooms, and empty wastebaskets. Some janitors specialize in one kind of work, such as window cleaning. Janitors mow lawns, rake leaves, and remove snow and ice.

Janitors may do routine maintenance and basic repairs. They paint windows, fix leaky faucets, and adjust heating and cooling systems. They notify building managers when major repairs are needed. Janitors may keep track of and order cleaning supplies.

Depending on their employer, janitors may drive vehicles. Some janitors clean a single building. Others travel to, and work at, several buildings each day. They are also called building custodians.

Source: Illinois Career Information System (CIS) brought to you by Illinois Department of Employment Security.