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Law Secretaries

Law Secretaries - Overview

Legal secretaries perform clerical duties in law offices.

Legal secretaries help lawyers prepare and process legal documents, such as appeals and motions. They fill out forms for clients, such as accident reports. Most listen to tape recordings of letters and memos the attorneys dictate. They transcribe this information and create other legal documents.

Legal secretaries make photocopies of legal documents, letters, and other case material. They put copies of all information in clients' case files, and make sure documents are arranged in a logical order.

Legal secretaries interact with clients in many ways. They:

  • Greet clients in law offices
  • Answer phones
  • Schedule appointments
  • Set up court appearances

Legal secretaries attend meetings to take notes. This includes client interviews, hearings, or depositions. They also mail, fax, or arrange for delivery of legal documents to clients, witnesses, and court officials.

Legal secretaries help lawyers find relevant information for cases. They search for laws, legal rules, and court decisions that apply to their cases. They collect information, such as employment, medical, and criminal records. They organize all of this information for lawyers to review and approve.

Legal secretaries have more duties in larger offices. They may supervise staff. They may also organize and order new books for the law library.

Source: Illinois Career Information System (CIS) brought to you by Illinois Department of Employment Security.