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Locksmiths - Overview

Locksmiths install and repair locks and safes.

Locksmiths install new locks in doors and safes. They cut new or duplicate keys and set up a master key system. They also set up codes for keyless entry locks. They help customers determine the level of security best suited for their needs. Locksmiths may also be in charge of keeping records of company locks and keys.

To repair a lock, locksmiths may take apart the device and replace worn parts such as tumblers, springs, or electronic parts using hand tools.

Locksmiths also use lockpicks or drills to unlock doors and safes when owners have lost their key. They may replace the key or rekey the device. Sometimes locksmiths are called because locks are jammed. Once they have opened these locks, locksmiths take them apart and repair or replace the worn wheels and springs.

Locksmiths use key cutting machines to create new or duplicate keys.

Locksmiths install safes. In banks they install vault doors and safe deposit boxes. They may also replace the doors and redo the exterior finishes.

Some locksmiths install and repair electronic alarm and surveillance systems.

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