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Mechanical Engineers

Mechanical Engineers - Overview

Mechanical engineers design, build, and test mechanical tools and machines.

Mechanical engineers work on projects such as:

  • Designing renewable energy systems
  • Developing more efficient machines

Mechanical engineers draw their designs using drafting tools and computer-assisted design (CAD) software. They also study blueprints, schematics, and technical drawings. They work with clients and other designers to fine-tune designs.

Mechanical engineers build a prototype (or model) of a design so they can test to see if it works properly. They adjust the design and construction so that machines and tools function as intended.

They calculate the cost and get bids from different companies for materials and production. Some may assess the system's impact on the environment.

Engineers may oversee the construction and assembly of the machines and tools they design. This allows them to continue fine-tuning their designs in order to improve their function.

Mechanical engineers also develop a maintenance schedule for machines and tools. If there are problems, mechanical engineers evaluate and find solutions to the problem. They tell mechanics which repairs to make and test the fixed system.

Mechanical engineers may work in a company with many departments. They may be responsible for all mechanical tools and machines for each department. They provide technical advice and consultation to others. They also manage groups of people who may do the actual construction and installation of tools and machines.

Source: Illinois Career Information System (CIS) brought to you by Illinois Department of Employment Security.