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Medical Appliance Technicians

Medical Appliance Technicians - Working Conditions

In a typical work setting, medical appliance technicians:

Interpersonal Relationships

  • Have a medium level of social contact. They often work with patients, but work alone when constructing devices.
  • Communicate daily by telephone and in person. They occasionally write letters and memos.
  • Sometimes work as part of a team.
  • Are somewhat responsible for the work done by others, especially assistants.
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  • Are somewhat responsible for the health and safety of patients.
  • May occasionally be placed in conflict situations in which others may become rude or angry.

Physical Work Conditions

  • Often work indoors.
  • Are regularly exposed to contaminants.
  • Often wear protective attire, such as masks or safety goggles.
  • Are regularly exposed to loud sounds and distracting noise levels, such as when using power tools.
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  • May be exposed to patients' diseases and infections.
  • Are sometimes exposed to hazardous equipment or hazardous situations that produce cuts or minor burns.
  • May work physically close to patients and other medical personnel, sometimes within a few feet.

Work Performance

  • Must be very exact in their work and be sure all details are done. Fitting errors could injure patients.
  • Often make decisions that affect others. They sometimes act independently, but frequently seek advice from superiors.
  • Set some of their daily tasks and goals independently.
  • Work in a moderately stressful environment in which daily deadlines must be met.


  • Usually work a regular 40-hour week.
Source: Illinois Career Information System (CIS) brought to you by Illinois Department of Employment Security.