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Medical Equipment Repairers

Medical Equipment Repairers - Working Conditions

In a typical work setting, medical equipment repairers:

Interpersonal Relationships

  • Have a medium level of social contact. They train medical staff how to use equipment, but also spend time alone while making repairs.
  • Communicate by telephone and in person on a daily basis. They also use e-mail, but less often.
  • Are responsible for the results of work done by other employees.
  • Often work as part of a group.
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  • Are somewhat responsible for the safety of the patients and medical staff who use technical equipment.

Physical Work Conditions

  • Are often exposed to hazardous conditions.
  • Occasionally must get into awkward positions to reach cramped work spaces.
  • Nearly always work indoors.
  • Are often exposed to diseases or infections. They wear safety gear, such as gloves and surgical masks, to protect themselves.
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  • Are exposed to contaminants from medical equipment on a weekly basis.
  • Work near others. They may share the same work area.

Work Performance

  • Must be very exact in their work. Errors could cause serious injury to medical staff or patients.
  • Make decisions that affect patients and medical employees who use medical equipment on a weekly basis. They make most decisions without talking to a supervisor first.
  • Set most tasks and goals for the day without consulting a supervisor first.
  • Abide by strict weekly deadlines.
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  • May repeat the same activities.


  • Usually work a 40-hour week.
  • Generally work a set schedule.
  • May sometimes work evenings, weekends, or holidays to repair critical equipment.
  • May travel to different sites if they work as field repairers for equipment distributors.
Source: Illinois Career Information System (CIS) brought to you by Illinois Department of Employment Security.