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Packers and Packagers

Packers and Packagers - Overview

Packers and packagers prepare materials for shipping.

Packers and packagers fill boxes, crates, and other containers with products to be shipped. They prepare containers for shipping. They gather the items to be packed and the materials to wrap them in.

Packers and packagers wrap fragile items in bubble wrap or plastic to protect them. Other items require less care. Packers and packagers may stack sturdy items on top of each other to fill containers.

Packers and packagers keep track of how many items they pack in each container. They record this information on forms. Some items are packed by weight rather than number. Packers and packagers weigh containers to determine if they are full.

Once containers are full, packers and packagers seal them. They apply labels to containers so others know what they contain. Packers and packagers inspect their work to make sure it meets standards.

Some packers and packagers tend packing machines. They fill these machines with the items to be packed and the packing materials. They watch these machines to make sure they process items correctly.

Packers and packagers clean their work areas.

Source: Illinois Career Information System (CIS) brought to you by Illinois Department of Employment Security.