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Automobile Parts Salespeople

Automobile Parts Salespeople - Overview

Parts salespeople sell parts and equipment in repair shops or parts stores.

Parts salespeople sell spare and replacement parts. Salespeople find parts in their inventory or help customers determine which parts they need. They look at customers old parts and ask questions about the mechanical problems. They look up the stock number for parts, using computers or catalogs. They prepare sales slips and add up the charges. They make change for cash payments or run credit card payments.

Salespeople provide advice about how to install parts. They demonstrate how parts and equipment work and discuss their uses and features. They may also repair parts and equipment.

Salespeople help customers determine if they can substitute other parts. They may measure the original parts to determine which replacement parts are similar in size.

When customers return items, salespeople check them for damage. Salespeople may give returns or exchange items. They answer telephones and take orders. They fill these parts' orders so they are ready for customers to pick up.

Salespeople restock parts between customers or before stores open. They mark new parts with prices and put them in the proper location. Salespeople take inventory of stock and place new merchandise on display racks when needed.

Source: Illinois Career Information System (CIS) brought to you by Illinois Department of Employment Security.