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Communications Specialists

Communications Specialists - Overview

Public relations specialists help build a positive public image for organizations.

Public relations (PR) specialists educate the public about a client's products, accomplishments, or goals. They study what an organization is all about. They ask questions about the product and how it compares with the competition. They may research public opinion. They learn who the customers are, and what image they have of the company and its products.

PR specialists put together a plan for the best way to meet their client's goals. They create events where the public can meet the company or individual. They may organize fundraising events, speaking engagements, or trade shows. They may arrange a promotional campaign on radio, television, the Internet, or through the press. They may decide how much advertising space to buy, and how long each ad will run.

PR specialists may counsel staff to answer the public's questions. They may also represent the company at government, social, or business gatherings. They may write speeches for their employers to give at events, or they may make the presentation themselves.

Public relations specialists prepare and write internal and external newsletters. They write and edit annual reports to inform shareholders about the health of the company. They develop press kits. These may include articles, photographs, or tapes that give the press facts about an upcoming event or an important issue.

PR specialists may create and manage blogs about their clients. They may track what is written about clients on the Internet and in the press.

Public relations workers in the government keep the public informed about the activities of government agencies and officials. They are called:

  • Press secretaries
  • Information officers
  • Public affairs specialists
  • Communications specialists
Source: Illinois Career Information System (CIS) brought to you by Illinois Department of Employment Security.