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Roustabouts - Overview

Roustabouts do general maintenance and construction work in oil fields.

Roustabouts cut down trees and brush to make clearings at drill sites and to create road and reduce fire hazards.

Roustabouts dig trenches for foundations. They use backhoes for most digging, but may use shovels to dig small holes. They erect forms into these foundations, mix concrete, and pour it into forms.

Roustabouts construct the framework for derricks. Derricks are machines that help workers move heavy equipment. They unload the framework and other materials from boats or trucks by hand or with motorized lifts.

Roustabouts connect piping to create pipelines between holding tanks and loading areas. They walk along pipelines to locate leaks. They clean up spilled oil by bailing it into containers.

Roustabouts help maintain boilers, steam engines, and other equipment. They do basic maintenance such as cleaning and oiling parts. They may repair or replace broken parts. They may take boilers or engines apart to fix them.

Source: Illinois Career Information System (CIS) brought to you by Illinois Department of Employment Security.