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Tool Grinders

Tool Grinders - Overview

Tool grinders operate machines that shape or grind pieces of metal to specific sizes.

Tool grinders read blueprints to learn exactly what size, shape, and thickness work pieces should be. They set up the grinding machines with the appropriate grinding wheels and attach them to the machines using hand tools.

Grinders may use cutting tools to shape the metal. They select the number and width of the cutting tools they need. They install the cutting tools in the cutting machines and adjust the angle of the tools to produce the proper cuts.

After cutting, grinders attach the work pieces to the grinding machines. They start the grinding machines and turn valves to release coolant onto the work pieces while they are ground.

Grinders make sure the final product meets the customers' requirements. They measure pieces with micrometers and may grind work pieces by hand. They set aside pieces that are defective and stack or box the acceptable work pieces.

Grinders may set up and run several machines at once. They monitor machines to make sure they are running properly. They replace or repair worn or broken parts. They also perform basic maintenance, such as cleaning and lubricating machine parts.

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