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Appliance Installers and Repairers

Appliance Installers and Repairers - Overview

Appliance installers and repairers set up, service, and fix machines such as washers and refrigerators.

Most appliance installers and repairers specialize in large appliances such as washers, dryers, stoves, and refrigerators.

Appliance installers move the appliance into its proper place. Sometimes they need to do simple carpentry when installing built-in appliances. For example, they may drill or saw holes in floors or walls to make room for hoses or vents. They also may need to level washing machines and refrigerators.

Installers connect pipes from the appliance to the existing plumbing. When connecting an appliance that runs on natural gas they connect the appliance to gas lines and test for leaks. They measure the flow of gas and water to the appliance and make adjustments if necessary.

Appliance repairers fix appliances that are not working properly. They read work orders or talk to customers about the problem. They examine and run appliances to identify problems such as unusual noises, excessive vibration, fluid leaks, or loose parts. They may also use computerized testing devices to help diagnose problems.

Repairers make adjustments and replace belts, motors, heating elements, switches, and gears. They also tighten, align, and lubricate parts. They may replace circuit boards or other electronic components. Repairers refer to service manuals and wiring diagrams to locate problems.

Appliance installers and repairers often interact with customers. They answer questions, respond to complaints, and give information on the care of appliances. They provide repair estimates, prepare bills, and collect payments. Repairers also keep a log of the maintenance and repairs they make.

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