Audio-Visual Specialists

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Audio-Visual Specialists

Audio-Visual Specialists - Overview

Audio and video technicians produce and maintain audio-visual materials. Technicians operate audio-visual equipment at presentations and entertainment venues.

Audio and video technicians work with audio-visual (AV) equipment to create multimedia presentations and performances. AV equipment is used in:

  • Theatres
  • Musical shows
  • Dance performances
  • Conferences
  • Political rallies
  • Religious settings

Audio and video technicians select equipment and plan where the equipment is placed. They talk to organizers and participants to understand the effects needed. Technicians locate sets, lighting, or equipment and set it up. They troubleshoot and run equipment tests to make sure everything is working properly.

Audio and video technicians run the sound, microphones, lights, and video during presentations, concerts, and other events. They project graphics or web pages onto a screen for viewing.

Technicians sometimes plan presentations based on requests from teachers or other school staff. They may develop their own ideas for presentations for students, parents, or staff. They develop outlines to plan the production and decide what equipment and materials to use.

Technicians order and keep track of the audio-visual equipment and materials they use. They maintain records of equipment and schedule its use. In addition, they give training sessions on ways to use materials and how to operate equipment.

Source: Illinois Career Information System (CIS) brought to you by Illinois Department of Employment Security.