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Construction Worker Supervisors

Construction Worker Supervisors - Overview

Manufacturing, transportation, and construction worker supervisors coordinate the activities of workers in many different industries.

Manufacturing, transportation, and construction worker supervisors direct the activities of many different types of workers including:

  • Construction workers
  • Extraction workers
  • Mechanics and installers
  • Production workers
  • Helpers and laborers
  • Transportation, material mover, and vehicle operators

When starting new projects, supervisors estimate the number of workers and the amount of materials needed to complete the project. They work with a budget. They compute the cost of labor and supplies. Supervisors hire, train, and evaluate workers.

Supervisors assign tasks to workers. They make sure workers are trained for their task. They also make sure workers have safety training. Supervisors monitor work progress.

Supervisors inspect worksites, equipment, and tools to detect unsafe work practices. They correct any unsafe conditions and tell workers of violations of safety standards.

Supervisors evaluate workers and prepare performance appraisals. They make recommendations for promotions or transfers. They may also counsel employees about work-related issues.

Depending on the worksite, supervisors may have other tasks such as:

  • Marking site locations and placement of structures
  • Conducting quality control inspections
  • Providing price quotes to customers
  • Interpreting shipping order and tariff regulations
  • Weighing and inspecting cargo, and
  • Tracking inventory.
Source: Illinois Career Information System (CIS) brought to you by Illinois Department of Employment Security.