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Bus Drivers

Bus Drivers - Overview

Bus drivers operate motor vehicles that move people from one place to another.

There are three types of bus drivers:


Local bus drivers transport people around town. They follow a time schedule to pick up and drop off passengers at bus stops along an assigned route. They may travel this route several times each day. They answer questions about routes, schedules, or fares. They collect fares. Occasionally they operate wheel chair lifts to move people with disabilities into or out of the bus.

Intercity or charter

Intercity and charter bus drivers transport passengers on trips between cities. They help passengers load and unload their luggage and check passengers' tickets. Charter bus drivers may drive many hours between stops, or take several days to complete their scheduled route.


School bus drivers cover the same route twice a day, transporting students to and from school.

All bus drivers must arrive at each stop at a specified time. They must follow traffic laws. Most bus drivers are required to inspect their vehicles before each shift. They examine the bus' tires, brakes, and fuel and water levels. Drivers make minor repairs as needed and report when major repairs are needed.

Bus drivers prepare reports at the end of each shift. They report:

  • The number of tickets or fares received
  • The distance traveled
  • Delays
  • Accidents
  • Mechanical problems


Source: Illinois Career Information System (CIS) brought to you by Illinois Department of Employment Security.