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Cement Masons

Cement Masons - Overview

Cement masons place and finish the concrete for many types of construction jobs.

Cement masons begin their work by preparing the site. They set the forms that will hold concrete to the proper pitch and depth. Forms are frames for concrete to be poured into. They direct the casting and pouring of concrete. They also oversee the workers who spread it with shovels or tools.

Cement masons level concrete by guiding a straightedge back and forth across the top of the forms. They smooth the surface with a ""bull float,"" a long-handled tool. This brings a mixture of fine cement paste to the surface.

Some cement masons are terrazzo workers. These workers create decorative cement surfaces. They use small chips of colored cement or stone to make designs on surfaces and floors. Terrazzo workers smooth the surface with a grinder to create a flat finish.

Source: Illinois Career Information System (CIS) brought to you by Illinois Department of Employment Security.