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Chemical Equipment Operators

Chemical Equipment Operators - Overview

Chemical equipment operators control the flow of chemicals through production equipment.

Chemical equipment operators begin a new production cycle by reading the list of ingredients and the processing instructions. They weigh or measure the proper amount of each chemical needed for the product.

Operators set and adjust gauges, timers, and other controls that regulate the processing. These controls adjust the feed and flow of liquids and gases through equipment. They make sure that each ingredient is added in the correct order.

While the chemicals are being processed, operators monitor the equipment. They watch gauges, meters, and panel lights that indicate the temperature and pressure. They often keep a log of this data.

Operators also test samples of the product during various stages of production. They use equipment, such as pH meters, to test samples and determine if the product is being processed properly. When they find problems, operators contact supervisors.

When a production cycle is complete, operators clean the equipment. They drain equipment and pump water through it. Operators also perform basic maintenance on the equipment. They lubricate parts and replace parts that wear out frequently.

Operators also monitor the work area for leaks or malfunctioning equipment. They discuss repairs with the maintenance staff.

Equipment operators keep track of raw materials used in production. Some operators supervise several machines or processes in addition to supervising workers.

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