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Drywall Installers

Drywall Installers - Overview

Drywall installers attach drywall panels to the inside walls of houses and other buildings.

Drywall installers read blueprints to gather information about the requirements of the job and plan a method for installing the drywall. They also determine which tools they will need.

Drywall installers measure and cut drywall panels to fit the walls and ceilings they are covering. They use tape measures to measure room sizes, and mark cutting points on the drywall panels. In addition to cutting panels to fit around doors and windows, installers cut holes for items such as light switches, electrical outlets, and plumbing.

Once panels are the right size, installers trim the edges so they are smooth. They attach the panels to walls and ceilings. Panels are heavy, so installers may have assistants help lift and move them. When installing panels on ceilings, installers often use lifts to raise the panels to the correct height. Installers nail, screw, or glue the panels to the wall framework. Installers also work with drywall finishers who cover the seams between the drywall panels.

On some jobs, drywall installers remove existing drywall, paneling, or plaster before adding drywall. They use crowbars and hammers to remove these wall coverings. If they damage the underlying insulation, they add new insulation and add moisture barriers. Sometimes drywall installers add new walls as part of a job.

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