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Fence Builders

Fence Builders - Overview

Fence builders construct and repair metal and wooden fences and gates.

Fence builders may build different types of fences or specialize in only one. Sometimes fence builders are classified by the type of fence they make.

Fence builders talk with customers about their needs. They offer quotes and prices. They measure and lay out the fence line according to the plans. They mark positions for postholes, and dig them with posthole diggers or power-driven augers. Sometimes they use dynamite on rocky areas to dig postholes.

Next, fence builders place metal or wooden posts in postholes. To set posts, they mix concrete and pour it around the base or  pack soil firmly into the posthole. They align posts and verify the alignment with plumb bobs or other tools.

Fence builders prepare rails and form a fencing frame. For metal fences, they attach rail supports near the top and bottom of the metal posts. For wooden fences, they nail top and bottom rails to wooden fence posts. Once the frame is built, the rest of the material is added.

For metal fences, builders stretch and attach wire, wire mesh, or chain link fencing between posts. For wooden fences, they nail slats to the rails. Once all fence sections are completed, builders assemble the gate using the same method. Finally, they attach the gate to the fence.

Some fence builders use other methods and styles of fencing. For example, they may weld metal fence parts together rather than inserting rails into supports. They may build other fence styles, such as a solid wood panel. Some may build structures such as retaining walls and trellises.

Source: Illinois Career Information System (CIS) brought to you by Illinois Department of Employment Security.