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Budget Counselors

Budget Counselors - Overview

Financial counselors provide financial advice to people.

Financial counselors usually specialize in one of the following areas:

  • College financial aid counselors help students obtain money to help pay for school.
  • Consumer credit counselors help people who are in debt or who need help managing their money.
  • Retirement and investment counselors help people invest money and plan for their future.

Financial counselors talk to clients to learn more about their economic situation. They keep records of their communication with clients and may help them fill out required forms.

Financial aid counselors

Financial aid counselors talk to students and their parents about what types of aid are available. Sometimes they work with people one-on-one and other times they work with groups. They explain the different types of aid, such as grants and loans. They discuss both federal and state aid packages.

Counselors review students' applications to determine whether they qualify for aid. Once they decide who is eligible, they use standards to figure out how much each student will receive. They make the funds available for students to pay for classes, books, or even housing.

Credit counselors

Credit counselors talk to clients about their spending habits. They look at clients' income and bills. They teach their clients money management skills. They help them develop a budget and a plan for paying off their bills. They coach their clients on how to contact bill collectors and set up a payment schedule.

Investment and retirement counselors

Investment and retirement counselors talk to clients about their goals and dreams. They educate clients about the type of investments that work best for their needs. Counselors may contact clients periodically to see if they want to make additional investments or modify what they currently have.

Financial counselors recruit new clients on an ongoing basis. They monitor financial markets to stay up to date on market conditions.

Source: Illinois Career Information System (CIS) brought to you by Illinois Department of Employment Security.