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Diesel Truck Drivers

Diesel Truck Drivers - Overview

Heavy truck drivers drive large trucks or tractor-trailers to transport goods and materials.

Heavy truck drivers read instructions to determine how to load cargo. They load items into trucks. They may wrap large items before they are loaded, or cover the entire load if it is on a flatbed. They secure some items with straps, ropes, or chains. They inspect loaded trucks to insure that they can be driven safely.

Drivers concentrate on preventing accidents. They use two-way radios to contact their supervisors and give updates on their position. They usually drive from city to city and often cover several states.

Truck drivers keep their trucks filled with gasoline, oil, and other fluids. Some trucks use different systems to power truck equipment when the truck is not moving. Drivers operate and maintain all of the truck systems. In special situations, truck drivers may have to monitor special cargo. For example, they may have to give water to livestock or make sure cold items are kept cool.

Drivers keep several types of records and fill out forms. Some forms are used to prove that goods were picked up and delivered. Other forms prove that trucks are being driven safely. Drivers keep logs detailing:

  • What items they delivered
  • How much the items weighed
  • When deliveries were made
Source: Illinois Career Information System (CIS) brought to you by Illinois Department of Employment Security.