Delivery Truck Drivers

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Delivery Truck Drivers

Delivery Truck Drivers - Overview

Light truck drivers drive small trucks to transport people, goods, or materials.

Light truck drivers load their trucks with goods or materials. They check shipping papers and make sure they have the correct cargo. They drive their trucks to customers and help unload shipments. Truck drivers use two-way radios to contact their dispatcher or supervisor and update them on their progress.

Light truck drivers are responsible for performing basic maintenance on their trucks. They:

  • Refill their trucks with gasoline
  • Check the oil
  • Examine the tires

Drivers may perform some basic repairs on trucks. They report any problems.

Drivers keep several types of records and fill out forms. Some forms are used to prove that goods were picked up or delivered. They keep logs of when items were delivered and when maintenance was done.

Light truck drivers do many of the same tasks as heavy truck drivers, but have more contact with customers than heavy truck drivers do. They are more likely to deliver goods in or near their home city and can reach customers more quickly. Heavy truck drivers are more likely to drive across the country to deliver shipments.

Source: Illinois Career Information System (CIS) brought to you by Illinois Department of Employment Security.