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Marketing Managers

Marketing Managers - Overview

Marketing managers develop marketing plans to sell products or services.

Marketing managers oversee the marketing process. They gather information and analyze the product or service they want to sell. They create a budget for the marketing process or campaign.

Marketing managers look for trends in buying and selling. When they find new trends, they think of ideas for new products. If a new product is created, they oversee its development. They work with advertising managers to decide how to make the product appealing to buyers.

Managers may do research to find out who wants the product. They check to see if a certain group of people or a demographic like the product more than another group of people. Managers talk to merchandise buyers to find out what is selling in stores. They ask people what they think of the product. They analyze the results and use the data to make their marketing plan.

Marketing managers work with product development researchers and market research managers to develop potential markets for products and services. Managers set prices by checking which price will make the most profit, but still appeal to customers. They create an advertising plan to introduce the product to the market. They work with the packaging designers. They may negotiate contracts with vendors and distributors.

Marketing managers handle conflicts. This may include copyright infringement, which has to do with preventing competitors from copying merchandise. They handle matters of royalty sharing, which has to do with sharing profits with people who helped to invent products or services.

Marketing managers may hire, train, and supervise marketing and sales staff.

Source: Illinois Career Information System (CIS) brought to you by Illinois Department of Employment Security.