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Millwrights - Overview

Millwrights install and repair machinery and heavy equipment in factories, power plants, and at construction sites.

Before installation, millwrights read instructions and blueprints. They inspect and position the parts for assembly. They measure where to drill holes and fasten pieces together. They also fit bearings, align gears and wheels, attach motors, and connect belts.

Many new machines are installed with robots controlled by computers. Millwrights may program these controls or work with numerical control tool programmers. Once machinery is installed, millwrights test it to be sure it functions properly.

Large pieces of machinery are usually hoisted into place by hydraulic lift-trucks or cranes. Smaller pieces can be placed using pulleys and cables. Millwrights communicate with drivers and crane operators.

For new pieces of machinery, a foundation or steel supports may need to be installed to reinforce the floor. Millwrights may install the reinforcements themselves or supervise workers who do.

Millwrights also take machines apart for regular maintenance. They oil and adjust parts. When making a repair they inspect parts to see if they are worn or defective. They fix or replace worn parts.

Millwrights use many tools, such as:

  • Squares and calipers
  • Hand and power tools
  • Cutting torches
  • Welding machines
  • Soldering guns
  • Lathes or grinders
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