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Decision Technologists

Decision Technologists - Overview

Operations research analysts help organizations solve problems. They use mathematical models to make decisions.

Analysts start by learning as much as they can about the problem they are trying to solve. They define the problem, given what they know. Analysts talk to people whose work might be affected by any changes they make.

Once they have gathered the information they need, analysts begin to evaluate it. They create a solution and analyze it using a mathematical model. The model takes into account how different factors relate to each other. Analysts revise the model as they change their solution.

When they have a solution, analysts prepare reports and present them to the organization. The reports define the problem, evaluate it, and propose possible solutions. They include information about the time and money needed to make the proposed changes. Analysts may work with others in the organization to carry out the plan.

Operations research analysts must keep up with new developments in the fields of operations research and computer science.

Operations research is also called management science or decision technology.

Source: Illinois Career Information System (CIS) brought to you by Illinois Department of Employment Security.