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Filling Machine Operators

Filling Machine Operators - Overview

Packaging and filling machine operators run machines to produce or wrap products.

Packaging and filling machine operators create a variety of products. They use different machines for diverse products. All machine operators have several tasks in common.

Machine operators make sure they have packaging materials and a supply of items to be packaged. They oversee the packaging machines and adjust controls as needed, such as:

  • The speed of machines
  • The amount of product added to packages
  • When packaging material is cut

Packaging and filling machine operators observe machines to make sure they are operating properly. They remove jammed items from machines.

Operators remove packaged items from machines and stack them in cartons or containers. They inspect the output. Operators may add identification labels to items and secure finished packages by hand.

Packaging and filling machine operators may keep records of the number of items they package and reject each day. They may code items by date if they are perishable.

Operators maintain their machines. They clean and oil them and make minor repairs. They follow strict sanitation procedures, especially when handling food items.

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