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Developers - Overview

Photograph processing workers develop film and make prints or slides.

There are many types of photo processing workers. Most operate various machines that develop and process film or digital images. These operators begin their work by reading work orders. They examine the film, negatives, or digital photos to determine what machine settings to use. They use software to process images before sending them to print. With film or negatives, they follow formulas to mix developing and fixing solutions. They fill machine tanks with solution, load the film, and adjust the controls. These machines develop the film and produce prints or slides. Most photo process workers clean and maintain the equipment they use. They maintain records of prints or processed film and customer charges.

Other photo process workers are precision workers with specialized jobs. Each job has its specific tasks.

Film Lab Technicians

Film lab technicians work with motion picture film. They thread the filmstrip through a series of meters to measure film density and sensitivity to light. They expose the filmstrip to a series of lights to compare the effects of various exposure times. They compute the amount of light intensity and exposure time required for printing. They record this data and route the film for further processing.

Photo Retouchers

Photo retouchers examine prints, negatives, or images, to determine what changes in color, shade, or accent need to be made. There may also be parts of the image that must be deleted. They apply paint to enhance images, or use pencil to shade the image. They may also use ink to retouch borders or lettering.

Photo Reproduction Technicians

Photo reproduction technicians reproduce original prints. They can also work from negatives or other printed material. They prepare the images by retouching them. They select filters, film, lens openings, and exposure times. They use cameras or printers to make reproductions.

Digital Imaging Technicians

Digital imaging technicians do work similar to photo retouchers and reproduction technicians. The difference is that these technicians use computer software to revise images.

Source: Illinois Career Information System (CIS) brought to you by Illinois Department of Employment Security.