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Machine Feeders and Offbearers

Machine Feeders and Offbearers - Overview

Production helpers move items between work areas or feed items into machines.

Production helpers use carts, dollies, and hand trucks to move items around factories. They unload boxes from trucks and put them onto conveyor belts. They move boxes of materials from storage areas to processing areas.

Some production helpers feed or place items onto automatic equipment for processing. They may mix, put together, or add ingredients to products.

Production helpers inspect goods to make sure they meet quality standards. Sometimes products have a defect or are broken. Helpers may make repairs to defective products or take them out of the production process.

Helpers mark and sort materials. They stamp the time and date of manufacture on goods. They may record the weight and size of items.

Some helpers start, stop, and adjust machinery and other equipment. They report problems with equipment to machine operators.

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