Pump Operators

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Pump Operators

Pump Operators - Overview

Pump operators control the transport of oil and natural gas between wells and storage tanks.

Pump operators start the pumps and open the valves to move oil or natural gas. They watch meters and gauges that monitor the temperature, pressure, and flow rate of materials. Operators record the meter and gauge readings.

Pump operators adjust the pumps or other equipment when they see readings that indicate a problem. They record the adjustments they make and the meter and gauge readings.

Depending on the materials they work with, operators may add chemicals to storage tanks. They take samples of the materials to learn if the chemicals had the desired effect. They test the samples themselves or send them to labs for processing.

Pump operators maintain their pumps and other equipment. They do basic maintenance such as cleaning and oiling parts. They may repair or replace broken parts. Some operators connect hoses or pipes to pumps or storage tanks.

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